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Program FAQs

& Eligibility Requirements

  • What is the Family Promise Shelter Program?
    Family Promise of the South Bay (FPOSB) will provide eligible families with shelter for a period of 90 days. During this time, families will work with their Case Manager to meet goals with the hopes to obtain permanent housing.
  • Who is eligible/What are the requirements for this program?
    Anyone with legal custody of a minor aged child(ren) in SPA 8 who is facing housing insecurity Parents must be willing & able to obtain employment & all children must be enrolled in school or daycare All family members must be drug & alcohol free at all times during the program (including marijuana of any form) Drug tests will be conducted upon move in for anyone 15 years and older & are subject to random drug tests throughout the duration of the program Documentation Requirements include: Picture ID and Social Security for all adults and Social Security for minors Birth Certificate and up-to-date immunization records for all children Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis (DTaP, DTP, Tdap, or Td), Polio (OPV or IPV), Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps, & Rubella (MMR), Varicella(Chickenpox) Background check for anyone 18 years and older
  • Is someone going to help me find housing?
    Yes, once you enter into our program, you will be assigned a Case Manager. You will be required to meet with your Case Manager once a week where they will take your family’s unique situation and help you to create goals while in our program. A Case Plan will be developed, and the agreed upon goals will be clearly outlined with timelines to meet them. Case Management goals & activities may include but are not limited to: Budgeting & Financial Literacy exercises Personal and professional goal formation Resource linkage (Child care, benefits, mental health, etc.) Obtaining needed documentation Employment and career search/development Children and youth resources Problem solving and decision making guidance Housing search & linkage to rental assistance programs Landlord mediation We ask that all families that decide to join this program are willing and able to engage in these activities and agree to provide documentation and accurate information in order to effectively assist each family.
  • What does the Shelter look like?
    We have a few shelter locations so every place will look different, however, all of our families will get their own private room. Bathrooms, kitchen, living room, showers, and other common areas are shared with other families.
  • Do we pay rent to stay in the program?
    In our Transitional Housing Program, families pay a program fee. This program fee is calculated based on your income and is not meant to burden you financially, but rather get you into the habit of “paying rent” every month. The program fee is determined by calculating 20% of your monthly income minus major expenses (bills, car notes, etc.). There is no rent or program fees at our Shelter program.
  • Are there rules that I have to follow?
    In order to ensure the safety of our families, we have the following guidelines in place: We ask all of our families to be home for the night by 10pm Families are expected to stay the night at the site every night Absolutely no alcohol, drugs, or drug paraphernalia are to be used during the duration of the program or stored at any Family Promise location Smoking cigarettes and electronic cigarettes are prohibited at any Family Promise location No Weapons or objects that could be used as weapons are permitted at any Family Promise location No guests or visitors are allowed at any Family Promise location Sharing any Family Promise address with friends or family is prohibited; our shelter sites are confidential and private locations Children must be supervised at all times. No child(ren) (18 years or younger) are allowed to be at any family Promise site without the presence and supervision of their parent/guardian No verbal or physical violence will be tolerated in the program Families are expected to pick-up after themselves and their children and keep the shelter clean at all times Parents must be willing to obtain employment & children must be enrolled in school or daycare Pets of any kind are not allowed
  • What happens if I break the rules?
    We want to make sure that our shelter is a safe environment for all of our families so we take violations very seriously. Failure to comply with the rules of the program constitutes grounds for dismissal from the program. Family Promise of the South Bay does not take responsibility for finding an alternative placement if asked to exit the program. Written Warning. 3 Written Warnings = Exit Not Completing Assigned Chores Not Cleaning Up After Children Not Washing Family Dishes Not Cleaning Room Avoiding Case Management Meetings Disrespectful Conduct Not Following Savings Goals Failure to Engage in CM Activities Tampering with any of the cameras Breaking any of the guidelines Immediate Exit: Violence/Domestic Violence No-Show Overnight Alcohol/Drugs use Weapons Verbal Violence Theft Bringing a guest to location Leaving children unsupervised Coming home past curfew
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