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Help us Make Summer Camp Happen!

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This Giving Day we're asking you to help us raise money for Summer Camp 2023. For the past two years, we've held a Summer Camp for current and past families and local low-income families. This has become a part of the summer 50 kids look forward to. It's a place where friendships have been established and a place where parents can take their children during the day knowing they will receive care, education, and fun. This allows parents to work during the day without worrying about daycare for the summer months. The past two Summer Camps were funded with Covid education relief funds; this year without that funding we need your help to ensure we can continue offering this free camp to the families. We thank you so much for your donation and consideration! 

We see what’s possible when we rally together under a common goal, and we are asking you to join us this Giving Day so we can support families and children. Thank you for your generosity!

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